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About Us

WellSpring Business Services was born out of the successful private practice by the same name.

Built from the ground up, many innovations are seamlessly integrated into the practice making it a leader in practice management, efficiency, and quality. Due to overwhelming need, we are now offering the lessons learned from our experiences to other organizations that wish to become leaders in their market. We have listed some of the most popular programs below, however, we know that one size does not fit all. Please call us with your specific program needs and we’ll be happy to discuss how we might help.

Wellspring Business Services

Our Services

Psychology / Counseling Practice Setup
We have worked in many different industries; however, most our professional careers have been spent in private psychology/counseling...
Product / Program Creation Development
Above all else, we love to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Whether you are looking to fostering buy-in for a new corporate initiative or get...
Executive Coaching
An organization is only as good as the team that leads them. Having worked in many profit and non-profit organizations, we understand how...
Organization Wellness
Research continues to overwhelmingly demonstrate the impact that employee wellness and satisfaction have on bottom line...


Jason Anderson, PsyDDr. Anderson is a practicing clinical psychologist with distinct interest in business, innovation, technology, human behavior, workplace culture, and wellness. In addition to being a partner in a successful private practice, he has developed and operated numerous online businesses for the field of psychology. Some of these businesses have been successfully grown and sold while others were “great learning opportunities”. Currently, he splits his time between clinical work and the development of outside projects with his business partner that include an iOS app (checkin360.com), consulting, and a local mental health resource guide (The Helper’s Almanac).

"Whether it's assisting someone in overcoming their anxiety symptoms or providing feedback on a product or business venture- its meeting someone where they are and guiding them to a new, better place. We love helping people, it's what we do."

Consulting Strengths: Creativity, Systems, Boundaries, Workflow, Software, Hiring, Business Development, Communication, Workplace Culture, Wellness, Product Development, Practice Management, and Training.

Buddy Scearce, PsyDDr. Scearce is a clinical psychologist working in outpatient private practice, inpatient assessment and correctional settings. He has experience in multiple areas of practice including forensic and health psychology in addition to his current roles. He is passionate about helping people build the systems needed to achieve success. He focuses on using creativity, values assessment, wellness, and emotional authenticity to help others realize their goals. He is currently developing two projects outside of his psychology practice. Both of these projects, CheckIN360 and The Helper's Almanac, are geared to meet specific needs within the field of psychology. In his life outside of business he is the president of the Florence Soccer Association.

"I am always surprised at how much people tend to undervalue their skills, overvalue the hurdles and overestimate their competition. This is true in both psychology and business. I love seeing the light come on when they see it for the first time, seeing that they can do this. That is my greatest joy."

Consulting Strengths: Creativity, Values Assessment, Goal Setting, Marketing, Practice Design, Business Systems, Business Development, Talent Management, Communication, and Workplace Culture.

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