Dr. Lauren Whittle

Doctor of Clinical Psychology
William James College 2018

What made you decide to become a psychologist? 

For me the decision came naturally. I knew I wanted to be of service to others and, I found that applying myself to the field of psychology was the most rewarding and fulfilling pathway to achieve this goal.

How would you describe what therapy looks like in your office?

I have a relaxed and engaging style and I try to create an atmosphere of comfort and connection. I recognize that therapy is a challenging process, and when people are able to open themselves up to taking on the challenge, it can be the catalyst that allows for living a more connected and fulfilling life. I believe that people are more willing to face those challenges when they have a trusting relationship with their therapist.

Do you have a particular theory or type of treatment you use?

No, I am flexible to adapting therapy to meeting an individual’s unique needs. With that said, I enjoy incorporating elements of positive psychology (the work of creating a more meaningful and connected life) into therapy in conjunction with evidenced-based interventions to address specific symptoms or concerns.

 Tell us a little about your life away from work.

 My fiancé and I recently relocated to the Carolinas from Rhode Island with our dog and two cats. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time outside, taking road trips with my dog, sports, skiing, and spending time with friends and family.

If you weren’t a psychologist what would you be?

A journalist or a zoo keeper.