Mr. Ross Fulcher

Master of Science in Nursing
Hampton University, 1981
SC License #17760

What made you decide to become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

I enrolled in a nursing program to become a nurse anesthetist. Once in nursing I decided this was not a career that would hold my interest. After graduation I worked in psychiatric hospitals with children, adolescents, and adults. I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in psychiatric nursing.  After I obtained my graduate degree I worked in administration and management positions with clinical work being secondary. I found psychotherapy to be more  interesting and challenging than management.  Over the years my clinical interest and experience grew and in 1993 I started a solo psychotherapy practice. I moved to WellSpring Psychology Group in February 2018.

How would you describe what therapy looks like in your office?

My goal as a psychotherapist is to provide a place where clients feel safe and comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, relationships, and experiences (good and bad) without fear of being judged. Counseling will focus on goals to improve mood, relationships and functioning by developing coping skills, techniques, self-knowledge and understanding. The ultimate goal of my therapy is for the client to become their own therapist and to make lasting positive change.

Do you have a particular theory or type of treatment you use? In my practice I recognized the interaction between mind and body and this is an integral part of my treatment. Therapeutic models include cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapy, short-term solution focused therapy, and psychoeducation.  As a Psychiatric/Mental Health APRN I also prescribed psychotropic medication as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

Tell us a little about your life away from work.

I am an avid reader. I maintain and ride street bikes and dirt bikes on a regular basis, sometimes daily. I have been a kayaker since the 1982.

If not a psychiatric nurse what would you be?

I can see myself as an engineer or scientist. However the whole “math is hard” thing makes this a fantasy more than a possibility. More realistically I can see myself as a craftsman, river guide, a boat builder, or kayaking instructor. I could be a trust fund baby so I would have more time and money for my hobbies.