Ms. Lilliana Lopez

Doctoral Candidate at Adler University

What made you decide to become a psychologist?

As far as I can remember I’ve always been curious about how things work. As a child I liked playing with legos and building puzzles. It has always fascinated me. I have also liked listening to people and their issues. I even often got in trouble for giving unsolicited advice. As a teenager I found that Psychology encompassed all the things I liked, helping patients put the puzzle together to understand and overcome issues by providing psychoeducation and helping them learn new strategies so they can create something from their experience. And now they are actually asking.

How would you describe what therapy looks like in your office?

I actually had a patient the other day come into the office and say that it looked homey. It made me feel good because it was what I was trying to achieve, an environment where the patient feels safe and comfortable. Life already has enough challenges. I aim to help my patient feel like they can talk about their issues without fear of judgment or stereotypes.

Do you have a particular theory or type of treatment you use?

I don’t believe that one theory fits all, much like not all of us look great in yellow. I know I don’t. Therefore, I try to focus therapy on the feeling that brought the patient in the office and go from there. It is somewhat challenging at times because it is difficult to name out emotions but oh so rewarding when we learn about ourselves and what is going on that we are acting a certain way. That is when we can modify behaviors and learn from our experiences.

Tell us a little about your life away from work.

I like to read a lot so I spend a lot of time adding new books to my collection and then reading them. It’s funny but I am trying to reduce this somewhat and spend more time binging on Netflix. I am also a movie buff so I go to the movie theater a lot and try to be up to date. Of course spending time with family is important too so I make plans to go to a restaurant every now and then or just have fun cooking something at home.

If you weren’t a psychologist what would you be?

I have actually thought about this for sometime. If I wasn’t lucky enough to work on something that I’m so passionate about what would I be doing instead? My answer so far is, I would be a writer. Remember when I said I love to read, well I also like to make up stories and exercise my imagination every once in a while. I guess it is something I could still do. Who knows one day I might give it a go.