Denise Holiday


My Treatment Philosophy

Although one theory doesn't fit all, I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my everyday practice. As a Counselor it's important to help patients understand their thoughts impact the way they feel and behave. I feel working collaboratively with patients to challenge and change maladaptive negative thoughts to positive functional thoughts can therefore help the patient improve the way he/she feels and behaves.

Who I Work With


What Therapy Looks Like In My Office

I aim to create an environment that's very warm, relaxing and inviting for all ages, gender and race. I want patients to feel comfortable expressing themselves without feeling like they are being judged or not being heard. I want each patient who walks through my door to know that they are safe and that they can trust me with information they may not have revealed to anyone else. Most importantly I want the patients to be themselves.

Why I Became A Counselor

I always had a desire to help others since I was a little grow. Growing up I would take the time to listen to family and friends when they needed someone to talk too, and from that point I knew I wanted to be a Teacher or a Counselor. Following my dream I taught PreK for 14 years and decided I wanted to expand my teaching career to a different level that's when I began researching Counseling and fell in love.

My Life Outside of Work

Personal Life

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, listening to music, singing, traveling and skating.

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Love and Basketball, to me this movie really exemplifies the definition of commitment. Despite the many obstacles you may face in life, be persistent and determined to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and live your dreams.

If I Weren't A Counselor, I'd Be...

If I weren't a Counselor, I would be a Teacher.

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