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Built from the ground up, many innovations are seamlessly integrated into the practice making it a leader in practice management, efficiency, and quality. Due to overwhelming need, we are now offering the lessons learned from our experiences to other organizations that wish to become leaders in their market. We have listed some of the most popular programs below, however, we know that one size does not fit all. Please call us with your specific program needs and we’ll be happy to discuss how we might help.



Psychology / Counseling Practice Setup

We have worked in many different industries; however, most our professional careers have been spent in private psychology/counseling practices. We have seen practices that are run well and many others that are simply scraping by. We built WellSpring from the ground up. We learned hard lessons along the way and solved many problems that you are facing or will face in the future. Through our experiences, we have learned that most helping professionals are lousy business owners. That said, I am going to let you in on a little secret- if you don’t learn to do both well (or hire someone who can) your practice will never be what it can be. Unless you are independently wealthy, you NEED your practice to run well and make money. This is not the opposite of helping but the avenue to help more. Maybe you are still not convinced- that’s ok. Whether you have been in practice for 20 years or just thinking of dipping your toe in the water, tell us a little about your situation. We would love you assist you in building the practice of your dreams by addressing any number of the issues below:

  • How do I start a business?
  • Where should I be located?
  • What name should I choose?
  • Stay general or specialize?
  • How do I address HIPAA?
  • Do I need policies and procedures?
  • How do I hire the right people?
  • Should I hire employees or contractors?
  • What should my fees be?
  • Should I have a website?
  • What software should I use?
  • Liability Insurance?
  • How do we get on insurance panels?
  • I have a difficult employee. What should I do?
  • Am I ready for an office manager?
  • How many admin staff should I hire?
  • How do we bill?
  • Can I afford to hire a consultant to help me with these issues? Answer: Most likely!
  • And many more…

Executive Coaching

An organization is only as good as the team that leads them. Having worked in many profit and non-profit organizations, we understand how mild dysfunctions can have a catastrophic impact on an organization. For your company to be the best, you and your team must be at your best. We can assist leaders in establishing healthy boundaries, improving cultural sensitivities, facilitating wellness, and coping with the difficulty of feeling alone at the top. We will utilize our breadth of experience with human behavior and motivation to assist you and your team in becoming the executives that you desire.

: Change is difficult. If you and your team are not ready to look at your blind spots, set aside egos, and receive honest feedback, we are likely not the best fit for you.

Product / Program Creation & Development

Above all else, we love to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Whether you are looking to fostering buy-in for a new corporate initiative or get assistance in developing a product or app for your start-up, we have the tools you need. We excel in creativity and brainstorming techniques that will not only help get you past your current hurdle but also provide strategies that your team can utilize when future hurdles arise.

Organizational Wellness

Research continues to overwhelmingly demonstrate the impact that employee wellness and satisfaction have on bottom line financials. Despite this fact, many organizations still struggle to see the value in dedicating resources to this cause. Regardless of where you are in the process, we can help. We are happy to develop wellness initiatives that fit your culture and your budget. We can also provide training, education, and assist with rollout for maximum impact. So, whether you are looking for monthly mindfulness/relaxation sessions for your employees or a comprehensive wellness program, we can help.



Jason Anderson, PsyD

Dr. Anderson is a practicing clinical psychologist with distinct interest in business, innovation, technology, human behavior, workplace culture, and wellness. In addition to being a partner in a successful private practice, he has developed and operated numerous online businesses for the field of psychology. Some of these businesses have been successfully grown and sold while others were “great learning opportunities”. Currently, he splits his time between clinical work and the development of outside projects with his business partner that include an iOS app (checkin360.com), consulting, and a local mental health resource guide (The Helper’s Almanac).

Consulting Strengths

Creativity, Systems, Boundaries, Workflow, Software, Hiring, Business Development, Communication, Workplace Culture, Wellness, Product Development, Practice Management, and Training.

"Whether it's assisting someone in overcoming their anxiety symptoms or providing feedback on a product or business venture- its meeting someone where they are and guiding them to a new, better place. We love helping people, it's what we do."

Buddy Scearce, PsyD

Dr. Scearce is a clinical psychologist working in outpatient private practice, inpatient assessment and correctional settings. He has experience in multiple areas of practice including forensic and health psychology in addition to his current roles. He is passionate about helping people build the systems needed to achieve success. He focuses on using creativity, values assessment, wellness, and emotional authenticity to help others realize their goals. He is currently developing two projects outside of his psychology practice. Both of these projects, CheckIN360 and The Helper's Almanac, are geared to meet specific needs within the field of psychology. In his life outside of business he is the president of the Florence Soccer Association.

Consulting Strengths

Creativity, Values Assessment, Goal Setting, Marketing, Practice Design, Business Systems, Business Development, Talent Management, Communication, and Workplace Culture.

"I am always surprised at how much people tend to undervalue their skills, overvalue the hurdles and overestimate their competition. This is true in both psychology and business. I love seeing the light come on when they see it for the first time, seeing that they can do this. That is my greatest joy."

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