WellSpring prides itself on being a great place to work. We want all of our staff members to feel like WellSpring is a place where they have the support they need to be happy and successful.

Complete administrative support

WellSpring believes that having full-service administrative support provides the best opportunity for excellent treatment to happen. Our administrative staff handle all authorizations, billing, faxing, scheduling and most everything else! Our clinicians get to focus on what they do best, HELPING OUR PATIENTS!

Well appointed offices

At WellSpring we believe that our offices should communicate excellence and expertise. Too often clinicians are forced to work in offices that look more like government surplus or consignment shops than a place where healing takes place. Each of our offices are outfitted with furniture you would be proud to have in your own home.

Technology that works

Technology can be a wonderful tool to help us be more efficient and effective. WellSpring believes in using technology to improve our working conditions without becoming burdensome. We keep our computers up to date with current software. We also have a wonderful check in system via Check-in 360 that our patients and staff love.

A collaborative environment

Clinicians need support but they don’t need to be micromanaged! At WellSpring we provide a collaborative team-based approach to group practice. We enjoy spending time together and promote inter-staff consultation. We set aside time to make sure this happens including what can only be described as the world’s greatest office Christmas party!



Be Teachable

Approach situations with humility and be eager to learn. We must first consider the possibility that our perspective is incomplete.

Be Better Than You Have To Be

Go beyond what is expected. Policy and procedure set the minimal expectation for behavior. We want to live up to aspirations not survive on regulations.

Embrace the Hustle

Work hard. Don’t be mentally or physically lazy and we will all benefit. The goal is to help more people and we get there when we all hustle.

Leave a Trail

If you encounter a problem, try to fix it rather than relying on someone else to do it for you. Others should see the effort you’ve made whether the problem is fixed or not.

Everyone Sweeps the Floor

We are all in this together. Regardless of our positions, we must all be willing to do whatever is needed to provide excellence in service and environment.

Provide Cover

It will be very hard to look good if you are letting others look bad. We value people who understand that getting ahead starts with supporting one another.

Know the Goal

Never lose sight of the big picture. If we become more focused on the steps to the goal than the goal itself - we are missing the mark.

Enjoy the Ride

Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. This work is too hard not to find joy and laugh a little.







Testimonials from current employees

"The best part of working for Wellspring are the values that are clear and openly communicated, so you are not trying to guess what is expected of you. The culture here respects our individualities and cultivates our strengths as counselors rather than getting everyone to conform to one model. I also really appreciate the fact that if you are responsible and show that you are dependable and accountable, you will not be micromanaged.”

Ms. Lobo

“WellSpring has truly been a great fit for me. I am granted the freedom to implement the treatment interventions that I feel passionate about while expanding my skill set through collaboration with other providers within the practice. Further, not having to worry about marketing, scheduling, or billing allows me to focus my time and energy on patients, not paperwork.”

Dr. Adams



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