Camille Gonzalez-Acevedo


My Treatment Philosophy

While I do not use the same approach with every patient, I do tend to use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) frequently. CBT teaches patients how their thoughts impact their emotions and behavior. Together, my patients and I work on changing their negative thought patterns so that their quality of day-to-day living is improved.

Who I Work With

I primarily work with children and their families in regards to developmental disabilities, trauma, and mood disorders.

What Therapy Looks Like In My Office

I strive to create a relaxed and judgment-free atmosphere where patients can come and feel comfortable. My patients come to me sharing stressors or experiences they have never shared with anyone else, so I feel it is my job to make sure they do not feel embarrassed or criticized in any way.

Why I Became A Counselor

I was originally a biology major in college. I took a psychology course and quickly realized biology was not the path for me. I started to think about how I was always the one friends and family members came to in time of need. I changed my major to psychology and haven’t regretted it since!

My Life Outside of Work

Personal Life

When I’m not working, I like to travel and spend time with my family, friends, and my 2 fur-babies.

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. I could go on all day long as to why that is, but the most significant reason to me is that it demonstrates that with hard work, patience, and dedication, anyone can become the person they deserve to be. I think that message parallels with counseling.

If I Weren't A Counselor, I'd Be...

Animal rescuer.

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