Keli Davis


My Treatment Philosophy

While one theory doesn’t fit all, in my opinion the therapeutic process should be person-centered and reflective of the patient’s desires. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a helping professional, a trusting therapeutic relationship with my patients must be established before meaningful work can begin. I also pride myself on the intentional desire and action to be multiculturally competent, as it is important that I demonstrate awareness, knowledge, and skills required to function effectively in a multiethnic self-governing society as an essential element of the patient’s assessment and treatment processes.

Who I Work With

I work with children, adolescents, and adults.

What Therapy Looks Like In My Office

I aim to create an environment that's very warm, relaxing and inviting for all ages, gender and race. I want patients to feel comfortable expressing themselves without feeling like they are being judged or not being heard. I want each patient who walks through my door to know that they are safe and that they can trust me with information they may not have revealed to anyone else. Most importantly I want the patients to be themselves. My office setting provides handicapped accessibility designed with patient comfortability in mind. At an initial visit you can expect the counseling process to begin with relationship establishment and rapport building. This stage also focuses on gathering information which allows me the opportunity to assess your needs as an individual seeking therapeutic services.

Why I Became A Counselor

I grew up in a time where “it takes a village to raise a child” was the way of life. In my childhood there was always someone there outside of my immediate family that provided guidance in some type of unbiased way. I always knew that I wanted to work with people and I was always the noisy, talkative child of my home so interacting with others came natural. As I aged and experienced life, I couldn’t help but feel that maybe I needed my village even more during those times. I needed them to listen to me, to push me and to remind me that I can always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been. I knew I wanted to obtain my degree in Psychology so I attended Francis Marion University while working in retail to get a feel of professionally interacting with the public. I enjoyed my time in retail but I knew it was just a stepping stone to where I was truly headed. I knew that being a helping professional was embedded in my spirit from childhood and I am committed to being a servant of God through selfless work. The only thing I miss though is the discount, cause who doesn’t like a percentage off of a nice outfit?!

My Life Outside of Work

Personal Life

I am the youngest child and the only girl to a clan of three from the holy matrimony of our parents. While I hold the best position in the family as the last and only in the above listed categories, my family that I came from is the most important to me as I have yet to create my own. My passion in life is for food and fashion and in my spare time I thrift and create “looks”. Thrifting is how I express my inner creativeness, is my self-care tactic and provides me with a sense of peace outdoors while my home is my place of solace and security indoors. In my next phase of life I’ll be a fashion designer/private stylist, so I’m speaking my desires into existence now.

My Favorite Movie

If I Weren't A Counselor, I'd Be...

If I were not a counselor I'd be a fashion designer/personal stylist. My expression of creativity shows in the way I dress and gives insight to my eclectic personality. Helping others express themselves through clothing would truly bring out the best in me!

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