Vanessa Miranda Lobo


My Treatment Philosophy

My Philosophy is that I am a facilitator to support others on finding their own path for healing and growth through providing warmth, positive regards, supportive, self-awareness and at times by giving challenging feedback/reflections/insights. I practice and facilitate mindfulness skills to be able to co-create this process with the person I am working with. I believe in a holistic approach that includes mind, body and spirit which can facilitate substantial relief and support personal growth.

Who I Work With

I enjoy working with a wide variety of individuals and groups. I particularly enjoy family related work and providing support to diverse population and cultural backgrounds.I am able to provide therapy services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What Therapy Looks Like In My Office

I like to have a very engaging and interactive process, including a variety of tools and approach based on the needs of each individual or family system.

Why I Became A Counselor

I tend to believe that my upbringing and noticing how crucial is to have a strong emotional and supportive feedback. I have had my own share of challenging experiences as human being growing up in Brazil and discovered the power of these experiences and the process of overcoming them to make an individual grow, gain wisdom, ability to connect/see others,deeper empathy, and even find one's purpose in life. So, my life experiences have given me the drive and the passion to facilitate this process for others as this has become my life calling.

My Life Outside of Work

Personal Life

A lot of outdoors time in nature, taking hikings, going to the beach and walking along the shores with my two beautiful kids. I love being connected with others and getting to know people no matter where I go.

My Favorite Movie

The Shawshank Redemption- love movies when there is a huge turn around/turn in life.

If I Weren't A Counselor, I'd Be...

Zumba teacher or some type of latin dance instructor.

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